BING (co-composer, performer, bandleader)

This was the ensemble Molly Sturges and I co-led from 2002-06 in Santa Fe, writing original sets of music and creating soundtracks for silent films and Circus Luminous. This band was built as a means to explore musical arenas that were obsessions at the time: including, Ethiopian pop/jazz from the early 1970s, and Music from the Outskirts of Jakarta: Gambang Kromong (Smithsonian Folkways Music of Indonesia, Vol. 3). Both were conversations across musical cultures. With Molly Sturges on vocals, guitar, button accordion, and composition; myself on tenor and soprano sax and composition; Mark Weaver on trombone and tuba; Tim “Tiger” Gagan and later Ben Wright on guitars; Nina Hart on bass; Dave Wayne, then Peter Breslin, and in the end Brandon Draper on drums.