Littleglobe TV (executive director, senior producer, filmmaker)

Littleglobe TV is a semi-regular series of hyper-local co-authored resident-sourced TV shows about the complex inner lives of Santa Fe residents during the pandemic. It weaves together micro-documentaries, musical pieces, poetry, comedy, collections of social media stunts, animation and live-hosted segments.

Littleglobe, Engaging Civic Policy (executive director, senior producer, filmmaker, facilitator, creative director)

Over the past years, Littleglobe’s team has been working with Santa Fe residents on a wide variety of projects, collaboratively gathering oral histories, stories, and artistic amplifications of testimonials of the wide range of human experiences. Increasingly, these stories are being leveraged to ensure that policymaking about this town is done grounded in the world of the people who live here instead of top-down notions of the power structures in Santa Fe. This has included work alongside grass roots and policy initiatives addressing anti-gentrification, equitable development, working against cultural erasure, struggling to ensure affordability, decentralization of power, and racial and cultural equity.

Sembene! (co-composer, associate producer)

This was a feature documentary, co-directed by Jason Silverman and Samba Gadjigo, which premiered at Sundance and played at Cannes, Telluride, and other key film festivals.

PBS Feature Documentaries: Our Time is Now (producer, composer, filmmaker, project director)

Littleglobe has made hundreds of documentaries over the years, two of which were made for PBS and carried nationwide. Our Time is Now was created in collaboration with hundreds of students across New Mexico, telling the story of six students making their way through high school. It documents the people in their lives, their dreams and challenges, and the very human stories within the NM public school system. Our Time is Now was carried to tens of millions of US homes and got ratings that consistently outperformed Discovery, National Geographic, and A&E.

Directed and shot by Erin Hudson
Produced and Music by Chris Jonas
Edited by Tom Shepard

Partners: GEAR UP NM, New Mexico Higher Education Department, Deming High School Portales High School, Piedra Vista High School, Laguna Acoma High School, Cuba High School and other schools around the state; McCune Foundation, KNME/NMPBS, and Corporation for Public Broadcasting/American Graduate Program.

Watch the full hour-long film here:

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Inside/Outside (producer, filmmaker, project director)

Inside/Outside started as a set of filmmaking workshops and personal voice projects within the Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque, NM, working with a team of soon-to-be released men as they prepared to return to the community after incarceration. This project collaboratively documented the incredible challenges people face when trying to rebuild their lives after incarceration, accessing income and housing, addressing addiction, and seeking support, while struggling with the stigma of felony.