A deeply nuanced world -- Jonas crafts a richly expansive sound that stresses subtle timbral shadings and tersely composed phrases punctuated by sudden bursts of flavorful improvisation... Distinctive, accessible, simple and achingly beautiful.

- Michael Kremer, Jazziz

Sun Spits Cherries

Sun Spits Cherries (composer, performer, band-leader)

Sun Spits Cherries was my primary band during the final years in NYC late 90s and early 2000s. This was a vehicle for composition and ensemble ideas during that time and it still exemplifies the pocket of musical exploration I love to this day: simple timbral objects situated together in a complicated space.

Chris Jonas, soprano saxophone, and composition
Joe Fiedler, tenor trombone
Chris Washburne, bass trombone
Andrew Barker, percussion

PDF to score here