duo B. Experimental Band
(guest conductor)

duo B. Experimental Band (guest conductor)

Spring of 2020, I worked with a marvelous group of musicians in Oakland and Berkeley exploring my own idiosyncratic ways of conducting and performing the work of Anthony Braxton. With Polly Moller Springhorn and Erika Oba, flute, Matt Ingalls and Rachel Condry, clarinets, Bruce Ackley, Randy McKean, Michael Zelner, Dan Plonsey, woodwinds, Tom Weeks and Kasey Knudsen, alto saxophone, Daniel Goldberg, tenor saxophone, Steve Adams, sopranino saxophone/electronics, Ian Carey, trumpet

Gabby Fluke-Mogul and Kevin CK Lo, violin, Juan Hernandez and John Finkbeiner, Brett Carson, piano, Kjell Nordeson and Dillon Vado, vibraphone, Lisa Mezzacappa, Andrew Harlan, and Safa Shokrai, acoustic bass, Suki O'Kane, percussion, Jordan Glenn and Jason Levis, drums. Co-led by the marvelous Lisa Mezzacappa and Jason Levis.